Adept Rocketry - Sonic Location Beacons™ (Beepers)

SB1 | SB20 | SB40

Three Sonic Location Beacons™ ranging up to the loudest Model SB40. Each beeper has a mute system to silence the beacon until liftoff or parachute deployment. Sonic Location Beacons™ help in locating model rockets and airplanes, payload carrying balloons, and so on. An Adept Rocketry Sonic Location Beacon™ is an audible beeping device that creates patterned beep tones at high volume, and are ideal for locating rockets or payloads in tall brush or trees, or on hilly terrain.

Each device has a mute system to silence the beacon until liftoff, or until parachute deployment. In silenced mode, the beacons will run for a week on a fresh battery, which means that you need not be concerned about how long your rocket sits on the launchpad. When beeping, the battery life is in excess of 24 hours, so you'll have plenty of time to locate a temporarily lost rocket or payload.

Adept Beepers create a patterned beeping sequence that is easy to distinguish from birds and crickets in the field (a real problem with single-beep or continuous-tone locators). Even if your ears are still ringing from that last powerful liftoff, you'll still be able to hear the double-beeping pattern.

Many rockets are designed to separate into two or more sections for recovery, such as a system that ejects a payload with its own parachute. For this application, a second beacon can be installed in the payload section.

These Beepers are equipped with a small socket connection that allows the unit to be put into a muted standby mode. A small jumper (loop) of thin wire plugs in to silence the beeping.

When the jumper is pulled free, the device switches to active beeping mode. The Jumper can be pulled free with a string that pulls when the rocket separates, or by deployment of the parachute. Other methods of enabling the sound include switches, weights, etc. Adept Rocketry Beepers are totally stand-alone devices, battery holder and mute system included. Nothing more is required.

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