This website is offered by Adept Instruments, Inc., an electronics manufacturer that specializes in small Radio Transmitters and other devices that are used in Radio Tracking, Transmitter Tracking, Radio Direction Finding (RDF), and Fox Hunting, where the "Fox" is a hidden transmitter. Our Tracking Transmitters and Fox Hunting Transmitters are for use on the Amateur Radio (ham) 70 cm band. Our receiving accessories include Fixed Attenuators, Active Offset Attenuators, Hand Held Antennas, Cables, and Connectors. Besides Fox Hunting, these transmitters are used to track and find Model Rockets, Model Aircraft, Hobby Drones, High Altitude Balloons, and so on.

Also, since 1989 Adept Instruments has manufactured numerous devices that are used in Model Rockets and Amateur Rockets, and sold under the marketing name Adept Rocketry. Adept also manufactures Rocket Altimeters, Rocket Locaters, Staging Timers, Parachute Deployment Controllers, and much more.

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