Adept Rocketry - Warranty-Etc.

Warranty Claims - Limited Warranty and Disclaimer Statement

Adept Rocketry products are designed to interconnect with other devices through plugable cables (Plug and Launch™). Any electrical or mechanical modification whatsoever (including any direct soldering to connector pins, or enlargement of mounting holes) will void the warranty. All warranty claims for undamaged devices must be processed through the original point or dealer of purchase by the original purchaser. Include a copy of the original sales order or other proof of purchase.

Returns and Exchanges

We will accept returns or exchanges for credit at 80% of the purchase price minus postage if the returned product is unused and in original new condition, and is returned with all of the original documentation and materials within 90 days of purchase to the original point of purchase. The product must be without any modifications including enlargement of mounting holes, and without any marks or contamination. No returns on batteries.


Adept Rocketry will repair unmodified devices that have been damaged. The device must be free of any attempted repairs performed by anyone other than the factory. The minimum repair charge for any device is one-half of the current catalog price, or $27.00 whichever is higher, plus return postage based on the current catalog price. The minimum charge will generally cover most repairs and parts replacement. However, if expensive components are damaged, such as the microprocessor chip, or the pressure sensor on an altimeter, then the repair cost may be higher and may not be a worthwhile option. A broken circuit board will render the device impossible to repair. Repairs will generally take four to eight weeks. Payment for the minimum charge plus return postage based on the current catalog price must be included with each return; you will be notified if extra expense is necessary. Include a separate check or money order for the postage portion if you wish return of a device that is not repairable. Payment will be returned when a device is not repairable. No repairs or inspection will begin until payment is received.

Custom Orders

From time to time we get requests for devices that have custom hardware or software designed to handle special requirements. In general, we cannot accommodate any requests for custom requirements. However, the only way to find out is to ask., 11-18-05     Copyright © 1990-2005, All Rights Reserved