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VCK2 Vacuum Chamber, complete with bottle: $16.79

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The VCK2 is equipped with a specially sealed CAB6-12 cable for testing deployment outputs, and a tube for pulling a vacuum. It is a complete unit including the bottle. Use the VCK2 with the ALT05, ALTIM1, ALTS1, ALTS2, ALTS20, ALTS25, DCS1, DDCS2 and DDCS25, RA2, RAS2, OBC2, and APD1. It also may be used with any other altimeter device that will fit inside it. Note that neither the VCK1 nor the VCK2 is large enough to accept the ALTS82 Maximum Altitude Altimeter with Dual Deployment™ or the RA3 Recording Altimeter™ with Display.

The Adept VACBOT is a complete Vacuum Chamber for small altimeters. Simulating a rocket flight is real easy and realistic with this small unit. It is especially handy for simulating rocket flights with small recording altimeters. With the altimeter inside the bottle, start pulling out the syringe, then faster and faster, and then slower and slower to simulate a rocket's ascent. Then stop and slowly start pushing the syringe back in at a steady rate to simulate the rocket's descent.

This device is NOT used for testing altimeters with deployment outputs. Use the VACBOT for simulations and for testing the ALT05 and the ALTIM1, and altimeters especially made for schools, the A1, A1E, A1M, and A1ME maximum altitude altimeters, and the ALT1R and ALT2R Recording Altimeters™.

VACBOT Vacuum Chamber, complete with Syringe: $9.95

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