Adept Rocketry - Staging / Deployment Timers

A Timer arms at the first instant of liftoff and fires after a predetermined period of time. A Timer may be used for staging, air starting motors, controlling parachute deployment at a given time after liftoff, and for numerous other purposes. A multi-event Timer may be used for combinations of sequential ignition, staging, air starting motors, multi-event deployment (Dual Deployment™), etc.

Different Timers have different current driving capabilities. Some Timers are designed to fire only flashbulb based igniters and deployment charges, or low-current igniters such as the Daveyfire brand Electric Match (low-current models 28B or 28BR). Some Timers can supply a medium amount of current—enough to fire the medium-current orange colored Daveyfire (model 28F) or Estes brand igniters. Some Timers supply high enough current to fire virtually any type of igniter.

ST231 | ST236 Dual-Event Timer


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