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Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest in Adept Rocketry products. These products should greatly enhance the thrill of model rocketry and amateur rocketry for anyone who'll put them to use. You can now experiment with the things you've always wanted to try. You are not alone in the feeling of "what's the purpose in always launching rockets, to just watch them come back down again without having done anything?" Our goal is to help you plan and carry out new experiments and research that will be educational and fulfilling. The hobby/amateur rocket industry continues to grow at a fast rate. New techniques and phenomena are being studied virtually every weekend by a new breed of "rocket scientists."

In the last 23 years Adept Rocketry set virtually all the standards for hobby and amateur rocket electronics,  instruments,  avionics, and tracking. Adept has become The Gold Standard in Rocket Electronics™. Virtually all the other products in the industry are designed to work with Adept products, or they are attempts to copy the Adept products.

Adept altimeters accurately measure altitudes precisely in one-foot increments with a resolution of plus or minus one foot, and general calibration accuracy of 1% . Adept has coined most of the rocket terms now used by rocketeers, such as Dual Deployment™, Electronic Mercury Switch™, Recording Accelerometer™, Recording Altimeter™, Beeping Altimeter™, Sonic Location Beacon™, and so on. These trademarked terms and others are the copyrighted and/or registered property of Adept Rocketry. Adept's Acceleration Sensing System, and the technique of beeping or blinking out altitudes, velocity, or acceleration values are protected by U.S. copyright and patent laws.

Adept Rocketry products are offered in various sizes, shapes, and capabilities for maximum flexibility in function and installation technique. Something in our product line should meet your requirements. If not, contact us. We openly welcome both suggestions and honest criticisms.

With each product device in the catalog, we list the accessories required to make the device perform as a complete system.

In the Adept Rocketry catalog you'll find, Stagers, Timers for Staging or Deployment, Altimeters, Altimeters with Deployment, Sonic Locators (Beepers), rocket tracking transmitters, and a selection of miscellaneous items.

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