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Several Adept devices specify the use of a 9 volt alkaline battery. A typical 9 volt alkaline battery can supply about one amp of current for short periods of time, and under normal usage has a substantial lifetime. A rechargeable nickel-cadmium (nicad) battery may be used in place of an alkaline, but the battery life (charge) is only about one-third as long. However, they may be used over and over. A typical nicad, due to its chemistry, can supply two or more amps for short periods. The nicads made by GE/Sanyo are made with cylindrical cells and have a very low internal resistance. They can supply many amps for short periods, making them ideal for many rocketry uses.

N-6PT Sanyo industrial-grade nicad battery (20 amps): $16.79 OUT OF STOCK

WY-29V Charger for two nicad batteries (plugs into wall socket): $14.50 Picture

BC1 Premium Battery Clip for 9-volt battery (6-inch leads): $1.15 Picture

GP-23A Alkaline Lighter Battery (12 volts): $2.25  

GP-23A50 Alkaline Lighter Battery (12 volts), Box of 50: $56.25


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