Vacuum Chambers for Testing Altimeters

Adept Rocketry - VCK2 Instructions

Test your altimeters, altimeters with deployment outputs, Apogee Detectors™, and On-Board Computers under simulated flight conditions up to several thousand feet. The VCK2 Vacuum Chamber includes a length of tubing for pulling a vacuum, and a specially sealed cable for connecting to test deployment charges, small lightbulbs, and so on. The VCK2-S includes a calibrated 60cc syringe (as shown here).

The cable allows lightbulbs (or even actual test charges used with caution) to be fired outside the Vacuum Chamber bottle where they cannot affect the inside pressure in any way. Simply plug the altimeter device onto the cable and let it hang from the cap, inside the 500cc laboratory grade bottle. For an altimeter without deployment outputs, simply place it inside the bottle.

The VCK2 and VCK2-S are equipped with a specially sealed CAB6-12 (non-locking) cable and a tube for pulling a vacuum. It is a complete unit including the bottle. Use the VCK2 and VCK2-S with the ALTS1, ALTS2, ALTS20, ALTS25, APD1, DCS1, DDCS2, RA2, RAS2, and OBC2. It also may be used with any other altimeter device that will fit inside it. The 6-wire cable may be used with any of the devices that have a 6-pin connector, a 5-pin connector, or a 2-pin connector. Note: the VCK2 is not large enough to accept the ALTS82 Maximum Altitude Altimeter with Dual Deployment™ or RA3 Recording Altimeter™ with Display.

To connect an ADEPT22 or DDC22 to the VCK2, an adapter is necessary. A simple adapter can be rigged with just four 1 to 2-inch single conductor wires. Connect the four wires to the terminal block on the ADEPT22. Insert (about half an inch) the other ends into four of the positions of the VCK2 connector. One suggestion is to use the BLACK wire for Ground (battery negative), and the RED wire for battery positive, and also as the common to both deployment charges. Use the ORANGE wire for the other side of the Apogee deployment charge, and the YELLOW wire for the other side of the Main deployment charge. Actually, you may use any of the six wires as you wish. Just take note of the color coding.

VCK2-S Vacuum Chamber, complete with Syringe: $24.95

VCK2 Vacuum Chamber, without Syringe: $19.95

60CC-Syringe 60cc Syringe Only: $5.95

VACBOT-2 same as VCK2-S, but without the Cable: $16.79


Adept Rocketry - VACBOT Instructions


The Adept VACBOT is a complete Vacuum Chamber for small altimeters. Simulating a rocket flight is very easy and realistic with this small unit. It is especially handy for simulating rocket flights with a small Recording Altimeter™. With the altimeter inside the bottle, start pulling out the syringe, then faster and faster, and then slower and slower to simulate a rocket's ascent. Then stop and slowly start pushing the syringe back in at a steady rate to simulate the rocket's descent.

Use the VACBOT for simulations and for testing the ALTIM1, the A1, A1E, A1M, and A1ME maximum altitude altimeters, and any of the small Recording Altimeters™.

VACBOT Vacuum Chamber, complete with Syringe: $9.95      5/30/14

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