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Wiring Harness for ADEPT22, or DDC22, with 9-Volt Battery Clip


The Adept HAR22 is a complete Wiring Harness specially designed to be used with the ADEPT22 Altimeter with Dual Deployment™ or with the DDC22 Dual-Deployment Controller™. The 22 gauge wire ends that connect to the four positions of the Terminal Block are single conductor (preferred). The wire lengths are 12 inches, sufficient to reach to both ends of a typical altimeter bay configured for Dual Deployment™. The HAR22L has 18 inch leads, for times when the extra length is needed.

The ends of the two wire pairs that connect to the two deployment charges include a box connector. The ends of the deployment charge leads plug into these box connectors directly, so an additional terminal block or other connection gimmick is not necessary. The box connectors typically are brought out through holes in the two end bulkheads of the Altimeter Chamber. (Seal the holes where the wires pass through the bulkheads with putty or epoxy.) The ends of the deployment charge leads can easily be plugged into the box connectors. Strip the ends of the wires back about a half inch.

Picture of HAR22      Picture of HAR22L

HAR22 Wiring Harness for ADEPT22 or DDC22: $9.99

HAR22L (Long) Wiring Harness for ADEPT22 or DDC22: $14.99

Option      5/11/15

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