Adept Rocketry DDC22

Dual-Deployment Controller™, Model DDC22

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DDC22 Price: $24.95

The DDC22 was designed as a backup device for use alongside an ADEPT22 Altimeter in a dual redundancy backup system. However, it may be used as the deployment backup for any altimeter. The DDC22 is a Deployment Controller™ with Dual Deployment™ outputs that fire deployment charges, based on altitude. It is an altimeter based instrument that uses the same deployment circuitry and features as the ADEPT22 Altimeter. The first charge fires when the rocket reaches its maximum altitude (apogee), and the second charge fires when the rocket descends to 1800, 1200, 900, 600, or 300 feet above ground, or six seconds after apogee, or at 150 feet below apogee. The 7 choices are jumper selectable (jumpers included). The DDC22 does not report maximum altitude after a rocket flight. Because of this, the tedious calibration requirements of the ADEPT22 can be avoided somewhat and allow the DDC22 a substantially lower price.


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