Adept Rocketry - CABPCD2 Instructions and Data Sheet

P.C. Download Cable, Model CABPCD2 with Software Version 4.1

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The CABPCD2 is used to download data from an NVMEM6 Memory Module to a P.C. The Memory Module plugs directly into the end of the CABPCD2 Downloading Cable.


If the Altimeter is not yet beeping out the maximum value, then wait the remainder of the 96-second recording time before retrieving or handling the device. Count the beeps to get the maximum altitude, and make note of the value. Immediately remove the Memory Module to assure that it cannot be affected in case of an accidental restart. Plug the Memory module into the end of the CABPCD2 Downloading Cable. (Note: Do not plug a Memory Module into an old type CABPCD1 cable.) Plug the Cable into the Parallel Port on the P.C. It may be plugged in while the P.C. is powered up if you wish. Then run the Adept software, Adept.exe.


Using Explorer in Windows 95 or higher, select Drive C (usually), then add a new folder and rename it Adept. Insert the floppy into Drive A (usually), then select Drive A. Using Edit click on Select All. Using Edit again, click on Copy. Now select the new Adept folder. Using Edit once again, click on Paste. Now double click on Adept.exe to start the program.

Follow the instructions and try some menu selections. From a chart, hit any key to return to the menu. To print a chart we use the screen capture method. With a chart on the screen press Alt PrintScreen. This captures the screen. Now press Alt Tab. This takes you back to Explorer. Click the x to close Explorer. Now select Start then Programs then Accessories then Paint. This brings up the Paint program. Select Edit and click Paste. (Yes to enlarge). The chart is now on your screen in Paint and may be printed. You may add comments, draw things, add color, or whatever you wish before printing.

Press Alt Tab to go back to the Adept program. Display another chart and hit Alt PrintScreen to capture the 640 by 480 screen image onto the Windows clipboard. Hit Alt Tab to again go back to Paint. The Alt Tab procedure quickly takes you back and forth between two programs.


Adept Instruments, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free of defective parts and workmanship and that it will remain in good working order for a period of 90 days from the date of original purchase. This product will be repaired or replaced within 90 days of purchase if it fails to operate as specified, if returned by the original purchaser and if it has not been damaged or modified, or serviced by anyone other than the manufacturer. Adept Instruments, Inc., their owners, employees, vendors and contractors shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages or for loss, damage or expense directly or indirectly arising from customer’s or anyone’s use of or inability to use this device either separately or in combination with other equipment, or for personal injury or loss or destruction of other property, for experiment failure, or for any other cause. This device is sold as an experimental accessory only, and due to the nature of experimental carriers such as rockets, the possibility of failure can never be totally removed. It is up to the user, the experimenter, to use good judgement and safe design practices and to properly pretest the device for its intended performance in the intended vehicle, or reasonable facsimile of same, under controlled conditions to gain reasonable belief that the device and vehicle will perform in a safe manner, and to assure that all reasonable precautions are exercised to prevent injury or damage to anyone or anything. WARNING: Do not use this device unless you completely understand, agree with, and accept all of the above statements and conditions.