Adept Rocketry - Accessories - CAB6L-xx Interconnect Cable


The CAB6L-xx Interconnect Cable Assemblies plug onto the Adept ALTS20 and ALTS25 Altimeters, the DDCS25 Dual-Deployment Controllerô, the ES236 Dual Sequential Stagerô, the ST236 Dual Timer, and other devices. These cables are used to connect to igniters or deployment charges, external batteries and switches, etc. These cables have a 6-pin locking Molex type box connector at one end, and six pre-stripped color-coded leads.



CAB6L-12 Cable Assembly, 6 leads,
12-inch length: $5.99

CAB6L-24 Cable Assembly, 6 leads,
24-inch length: $7.50

CAB6L-36 Cable Assembly, 6 leads,
36-inch length: $8.79      2/17/12

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