Adept Rocketry A1-TA

Maximum Altitude Altimeter, Model A1-TA

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  • Price: $39.00; includes GP-23A Battery and Instructions

The A1-TA is a contest quality Maximum Altitude Altimeter that precisely measures and reports the maximum above-ground altitude value obtained during a rocketís flight. These altimeters may be used in any rocket configuration including multistage rockets, with individual altimeters in each stage of interest. The A1-TA is very small and light weight. The A1 Series of Altimeters are designed specially for use in small contest rockets, for use in schools in science and math studies, or for use in small diameter rockets or darts.

The A1-TA was especially designed for use in the 2009/2010 Team America Rocketry Challenge, TARC. It is still offered for those who are familiar with the altimeter, and for its more precise and stiffer calibration.

The A1-TA precisely captures the highest altitude obtained during a flight up to 15,000 feet above local ground level. The maximum value obtained above the local ground-zero altitude is precisely measured and reported in one-foot increments.

The A1-TA measures .55" wide by .62" thick by 2.9" long. Its weight with battery installed is only 0.50 ounce (14.2 grams). It fits inside a tube with a minimum ID of .69 inch (17.5 mm), a loose fit in an Estes BT-20 body tube). This device runs on a 12-volt alkaline lighter battery. The battery life for this product is in excess of 10 hours, so you need not be concerned about how long your rocket sits on the launch pad after the altimeter is powered up. The A1-TA is a totally stand-alone device including the battery holder and arming mechanism. Nothing more is required.


Additional GP-23A Alkaline Lighter Battery; Price: $2.25.


GP-23A50 Alkaline Lighter Batteries (box of 50 at 50% Discount); Price: $56.25.


VACBOT Vacuum Chamber, Complete with Bottle and Syringe
Price: $9.95. Use for simulating flights, and testing small Altimeters that do NOT have deployment outputs.     11/24/14